About Suichang
About Suichang

Suichang is a historic county.Suichang was built in AD 218 which has a long history and culture. Suichang’s magistrateTang Xianzhu is a famous writer and dramatist in Ming Dynasty who wrote the opera‘Peony Pavillon’. ‘Ming Dynasty Street’ in Du Shan village which is a historic protected area has been  well protcted. ‘Hao Chuan’ cultural sites which explored in 1997 has been listed as a national important new discovery. Suichang is an old revolutionary base areas. Suichang branch of CPC was established in January 1927, in the same year Suichang Committee was established,too. Su Yu and Liu Yin lead a force to establish the guerrilla base in southwest of Zhejiang which center is Wang Cunkou.

Suichang is a resource-rich county which has 15.5 million mu arable land,0.69 mu per capita. Suichang has 327.7 mu forest land, 17 mu per capita. Forest volume of Suichang is 5.92 million cubic meters, so it is a forestry county of Zhejiang which forest coverage is 81.3%. The rivers of Suichang belong to Qian Jiang river systerm or Ou Jiang river systerm. Hydropower Resources is 400,000 kilowatts including 300,000 kilowatts resources that can be developed. The total storage capacity is more than 70 million cubic meters. The existing hydropower installed capacity is 89000 kilowatts. The hydropower installed capacity that be constructed is 37,000 kilowatts. More than 80 points metal and non-metallic mineral deposits has been found in Suichang. Such as gold, silver, copper, zinc and other minerals. ‘Suichang gold’ is known as ‘Jiangnan first mine’. The storage capacity of fluorite is 5 million tons. Suichang "Longguliren Tea ‘win the international gold because of the montane cloud characteristics.Suichang is named ‘ Chinese bamboo charcoal village’,’ Chinese Ju mi Village’and’ Chinese Long gu li ren Tea village’ by China Economic Forest  Association. Suichang has unique natural landscape. Jiulong Moutain is one of the National Nature Reserve, not only has the mysterious ‘wild man’, but also has a fascinating scenery and rare animals and plants. Wuxijiang reservoir surrounded by mountains, which basin area is 1498 square kilometers. The national Forest Park which contains the Shenlong Valley, Baima mountain,Hushan and other scenic areas has beautiful natural scenery.

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