Organization Introduction
Organization Introduction

(1) Propaganda and implement the policies that developing the scenic spots and tourism industry ( hereinafter called ‘scenic tourism’) released by the national, provincial and municipal。To consider and formulate the normative documents of the county, implement and inspect the policies with the government’s approval. According to the overall plan of the national economy and social development, study on long-term planning, development strategy and annual work targets of the county scenic tourism development, then organize the implementation and inspection; Responsible for managing and overseeing the usage of tourism development funds.     

(2) In charge of the survey, plan,construction, protection and management of the county landscape tourism resources, Responsible for identifing, planning and naming the scenic area; Responsible for the development and utilization of tourist resources, the layout of scenic spots, approval and management of tourist infrastructure project. Responsible for the preparation of tourism project library and annual tourism investment plan, organize tourism investment, Guide tourism social investment and the utilization of foreign capital. Responsible for the provincialv、city and county-level scenic area planning and supervision, law enforcement’s construction and supervision.

(3) Responsible for formulating and implementing the marketing plan which about the tourism target market and the annual tourism promotion scheme. In charge of the promotion and publicity of the overall tourism image and major promotional activities. Get the main scenic spots and tourism products into the market; Responsible for the planning and implementation of tourism festival activities; to organize and coordinate the regional tourism cooperation; to organize and guide the development of tourist commodities; Responsible for collecting and studying dynamic information of the domestic and international tourism market, then release it to the tourism enterprise;

Centralize the tourism foreign affairs.

(4)In charge of the county tourism industry management. To formulate industry management regulations; responsible for the approval of tourist hotel star rating. Responsible for audit and yearly check.responsible for tourism business units operating licenses audit, inspection and business activities to guide service, examination management, supervision and inspection of the tourism market order and service quality, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers and operators; responsible for the coordination of ‘holiday travelling’; responsible for the administrative law enforcement and administrative reconsideration of tourism; in charge of tourism security management. Responsible for guiding the construction of spiritual civilization of the county landscape tourism industry.

(5)Responsible for the preparing and organizing the development of human resources and training programs of the county tourism professionals. Responsible for gathering statistics and consulting the county tourism’s information.

(6)To undertake the other work assigned by county party committee and county government


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