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The 2 tour of Suichang

Suichang country is located in Lishui City the Southwest of Zhejiang Province which is well-known for the beautiful landscape of its green valley. Come enjoy a view of the cloud sea from the terrace in Nanyanjian (南巖尖景區) Village, hiking in the breathtaking bamboo forest, enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and nature swimming pool at Feishiling Valley(飛石嶺)and experience a one of a kind adventure rafting the Wuxi River(烏溪江). Come enjoy your summer weekend in fun and relaxation!


Destination Suichang Country, Li Shui City, Zhejiang Province (浙江 麗水 遂昌)

Date 19th – 21st Aug. 2011 (2 nights 2 days)

Number of Travelers 30 people of various nationalities

Cost RMB 780p/p

Meals Group meals with local fresh food, Chinese&Western style breakfast

Bus pick up at 7pm 19th Aug. at South Entrance of Shanghai Museum, People Square Contact: Josie 15001791355 [email protected]

Trip Itinerary

D1 Members meet up in the evening 7pm and departure at 7:30pm, 5 hours driving to get to get Suichang Country for local hostel check in and stay overnight.

D2 Visit Feishiling(飛石嶺) after 10am for green valley hiking, enjoy waterfall and pools, you can also enjoy swimming in the nature pool( optional 10rmb/person), enjoy the exciting water rafting in Wuxi River(烏溪江漂流) after lunch, go back to the hostel and campfire social party in the evening after dinner

D3 Enjoy a good sleeping and fresh air in the morning,visit Nanjianyan(南尖巖)for its beautiful terrace view and bamboo forest sightseeing( Optional 50rmb/person), or enjoy nature pool swimming ( 10rmb/person optional) go back to Shanghai after lunch, will get Shanghai downtown at around 8pm.

Please send your contact information to [email protected] with the following title “RSVP for Suichang Rafting Trip 19th -21th Aug.” and include the information below for registration purposes or call 15001791355 for more details

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The 2 tour of Suichang
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